Oklahoma Finance Authorities

Your Partner for Economic Development Finance

The Oklahoma Finance Authorities’ (OFA) is a statewide financial resource to support business, higher education, public infrastructure, and healthcare.

Our mission is to assist in the creation, retention, and diversification of employment opportunities throughout Oklahoma.

We partner with community banks, economic developers, the Oklahoma Department of Commerce, the Oklahoma Manufacturing Alliance and many others. Our goal is to ensure that the most effective financing solutions – grants, incentives, loans, or bonds – are leveraged on every project.

Most Popular Programs

  • State and Local Incentives

    For growing your business

  • Federal & State Grants

    Grants and loan guarantees for public and private entities

  • Low Rate & Tax Exempt Loans

    For business expansion

  • Public Private Partnership Program

    For public infrastructure improvements

  • Conduit Bonds

    For tax-exempt public and private use